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“How will I use this math in my life?” This is a question we want students to ask and be able to answer. When students engage in MathAction's investigations, they dive into the scientific, social, economic, historical, and cultural phenomena in the world that make math contextualized, relevant, and challenging. 


"Go down deep enough into anything and you will find mathematics."

                                                                                                                 ~Dean Schlicter


MathAction investigations are aligned to College and Career Ready Standards and are designed to be implemented in conjunction with the core math curriculum, or as part of interdisciplinary work across departments (ELA, social studies, science, art), making mathematics the primary lens to explore real-life global issues.


Investigations are designed for both in-person and distance learning. Through data collection and analysis, uncovering patterns, debate thought experiments, and presentations, students use mathematics to inform their understanding of complex global and social issues.

Sample Investigations

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Click on images to view investigations 



Global Village

Grade 6


Forced Away

From  Home

Grade 7


Measuring Diversity

Grade 6


Population Dynamics

Grade 8




Grade 7



Human Rights

Grade 9

GaME Lab

GaME Lab

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Gaming and Modeling Explorations


GaME Lab nurtures the development of positive math dispositions and identities through low floor/high ceiling games, puzzles, and modeling challenges. Students drive the inquiry process and rely on their own curiosity to develop and test strategies, find solutions, and communicate their discoveries. Through the ups and downs of authentic problem-solving processes, students recognize and celebrate hard-earned “a-ha” moments. GaME Lab provides students the space to explore the elegance and beauty of mathematics through games, puzzles, proofs and magic.

Why GaME Lab?

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GaME Lab addresses mathematical modeling standards and institutional inequities.

Research shows that despite the call for mathematical modeling in College and Career Ready Standards, most students, and especially historically marginalized students, have limited access to mathematical modeling in a consistent, coherent way.


Students’ mindsets about their own mathematical learning, problem solving abilities, and transfer of mathematical concepts flourish when given equitable opportunities. Plus, they have fun!

Grade levels: 1-9


GaME Labs are 45-60 minutes and can be used as an in-class resource with a core curriculum, or as a comprehensive program for electives, after school, or summer learning courses. GaME Labs are designed for both in-person and distance learning. 

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How can GaME Labs supplement my core curriculum?

MathAction provides guidance for teachers to use GaME Lab at strategic points within a number of problem-based math core curriculum, such as Illustrative Mathematics.

Use GaME Lab materials for centers and small groups so students are able to develop and deepen their understanding of mathematical concepts and procedures. 

All games, puzzles, and magic reference the relevant, grade-level mathematical standards, domains, and topics.

Sample Games 

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Grades K-2


Tower of Hanoi

Grade 1-9

tengrams image.jpg


Grades K-9

Prof Learning

Professional Learning

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MathAction’s team provides engaging professional learning options for educators interested in providing meaningful mathematical experiences for every student. We work with educators to implement MathAction curriculum, and to develop and implement standards-based investigations that engage, challenge, and inspire students.

GaME Lab Institute

Games, puzzle,

magic & modeling



Grade 1-9 Educators 

Citizen Math

Fostering civic and global competencies


Grade 1-9 Educators 

Math 4 Change

MathAction investigations for math literacy


Grade 1-9 Educators 

Grade 1-5 & Grade 6-9 Educators

Curriculum Design

Curriculum Design

& Consultation 

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MathAction provides customized curriculum development and consulting for math educators and school and district leaders based on your needs and goals. We offer a range of support for program improvement including current program evaluation, curriculum design and implementation support, and coaching. Contact us for more information at

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